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i came across this digging through some CHI2006 material today, it seems
thought some of you might want to poke around the paper.


> Feeding Yoshi is a mobile multiplayer game that is played
> over a relatively long period—the game we report on here
> lasted a week. Rather than being built on the assumption of
> users' continuous engagement over such a long time, we
> assume that players use the system intermittently, as they
> go through their normal daily routines of work and leisure.
> ...
> The aim of Feeding Yoshi is for each team of players to collect as many
> points as
> possible, by feeding Yoshis the fruits they desire. Yoshis are creatures
> that players find scattered around the city and which are constantly hungry
> for five fruits, of seven varieties. In order to collect fruit, players must
> first collect seeds from the Yoshis
> themselves—each Yoshi always has a seed for the fruit it most often
> enjoys. These seeds can then be sown at
> plantations that can be found scattered around the city, just as Yoshis
> are. Once a seed is sown, the plantation will
> begin to generate fruit, which can then be picked and used to feed Yoshis.
> Feeding a Yoshi one of his desired fruit
> scores 10 points, but feeding several fruit simultaneously gives more
> points, e.g. feeding all five desired fruits at once
> scores 150 points. Feeding a Yoshi a fruit it does not want results in the
> player losing 10 points.  As a player moves through the city, nearby
> plantations and Yoshis appear as names in a pull down menu and as icons on a
> map (Figure 1). An audio alert is also made when a plantation or Yoshi is
> detected so that the player does not have to continually visually attend to
> the PDA screen.
> ...
> The Yoshis and plantations that are detected while playing
> the game are actually wireless access points. As a player
> moves around in the city, their PDA continually scans for
> the presence of wireless networks. Secured wireless
> networks become Yoshis and open networks become


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