[wirelesstoronto-discuss] THT and Ted's

Hanna cho.hanna at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 13:04:27 EDT 2006

the walled garden...  interesting metaphor - haven't heard that one before.

No authentication
> > > is required to go into a lot of the walled-garden areas on the network
> > > that are of value to the city as well—transmit maps, schedules, a
> > > tourism site, and the city's site.

this isn't really anything new though - Hamilton's Fibrewired broadband
service does the same thing - you can browse through specified pages, but
can't get onto the 'real' Web.  so you can check what time the bus is
coming, or what City events are on, but you can't check your email etc.

anyhoo - looking forward to hearing about the nathan phillips square/city
hall deputation (did you guys go?) at ted's later.

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