[wirelesstoronto-discuss] Dufferin Grove Park workshops

Patrick Dinnen pdinnen at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 08:36:42 EDT 2006

I don't know DNS troubleshooting, but sitting in the park I do know. 
I'll be there.


Gabe Sawhney wrote:
> While it works perfectly fine for me whenever I go, staff at the park
> continue to get a number of complaints about the service there.  So,
> two things:
> 1) I suspect that the problem is DNS-related.  I'm going to go make
> some tweaks this afternoon.
> 2) So that we have a better presence at the park, I've offered that we
> will host workshops for each of the next three Saturdays.  That way if
> someone comes to the park during the week and has trouble, staff can
> let them know to come back on Saturday to figure it out with us.
> Since the launch weekend was so fun, I'm hoping that we can get
> several of us out.  I've volunteered to be there from noon to 1pm this
> and the following two Saturdays.  The more of us are available, the
> longer we'll all be motivated to stick around.  Can others come from 1
> to 2, or 'til 3, even?  I've been assured that the yummy food cart
> will be there.
> I'm guessing that there might be a little bit of Windows TCP/IP
> troubleshooting, but that it'll be mostly walking people through the
> account creation and login process.
> For the record, the mesh between the two nodes has been working
> perfectly since I installed a homebrew directional antenna that Steve
> built.
> Gabe
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