[wirelesstoronto-discuss] concord cafe

dory kornfeld dory.kornfeld at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 15:22:13 EDT 2006

Andrew and I went by the Concord Cafe today, and they're on board.  
w00t w00t!

The place is on bloor street, 2 blocks east of dovercourt. Who's  
available to do an install this weekend? Dude's got wifi set up  
already, he wants to split the network so he can run his own machine  
off his current router and broadcast the WT over a linksys. He'd like  
a hand encrypting his own network, we assured him that would likely  
not be a problem.

The place is very near Dufferin Grove, maybe said install could get  
tied into someone's babysitting the park stint?


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