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Gabe Sawhney gabe at pwd.ca
Mon Jun 26 17:38:45 EDT 2006

Yesterday a brand new Dell desktop computer was installed in the rinkhouse
at Dufferin Grove Park, donated by a park friend.  (It lives in a very nifty
heavy wood lockable box.)  I went over to make sure it could get onto the
wireless network.  It'll be handy for folks in the community, but even more
so for the staff -- who've until recently had to do most of their
work-related emailing/etc from home, rather than from work.

Congrats & thanks to all who've helped with the installation & promotion of
the park node!


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 FYI, Gabe. This wireless stuff is starting to be a lot of fun. Thanks for
doing all that work to make it go.

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Hi John --

first BIG use of the computer -- this afternoon the park staff stopped
working for 10 minutes to watch the final bit of the soccer  -- *on the
computer*. Mayssan says it's an illegal site or software or something,
coming from China via Israel. The Dell computer has no speakers so they ran
the picture on it and the sound on my laptop, to watch Italy win. (The
honking on Dufferin started a few seconds later).

How about that for an initiation? And after that, we had a visit from the
head of Dufferin Mall Youth Services (DMYS). Their new offices are in the
basement over there and they're all getting mouldy, so they're planning to
do more of their programming at the park. One thing the youth come to DMYS
for is to check their e-mail -- so their director was very pleased that he
can tell the youth that they can do that at the park now too.

And we can get some speakers for the computer and invite park soccer fans
into the garage when the next big soccer showdown comes -- can you imagine
the excitement.....?

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